Photographs by David Desouza

"Shiva Shakti is an amazing piece of art!" 
  ~~Zivile Adulcikaite, Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre, UK, 16th April 2013. 

"A delight in every way – Shiva Shakti is a feast of colour, music and movement –
 a wonderfully energising and entertaining evening in the theatre." 

Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director, Perth International Arts Festival, Feb 2013.

"The most brilliant performance I  have seen in all my 63 years! Please come back to UK!
~~Sue Shorter, Percussionist, Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre, UK, 16th April 2013.
Daksha Sheth Dance Company and Asima at the 10th China Art Festival:
 August 2013.

15 days, 6 cities and 7 shows... across the Shandong Province of China. The Daksha Sheth Dance Company showcased their style of original Indian contemporary to the LIVE music of eclectic band, Asima to enthusiastic and well-appreciative audiences of capital city, Jinan, followed by Jining, Zao Zhuang, Linyi, Rizhao and Binzhou respectively. The group was the only Asian troupe amongst all the companies which have been invited for the Festival which ends in Oct 2013. The artistic duo: Daksha Sheth Dance Company and Asima has proved to be a rare combination of unique and vibrant dance language and energetic LIVE music, just like the chemistry between artistic directors, Daksha Sheth (Daksha Sheth Dance Company) and Devissaro (Asima).