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BhuKham, the Millennium production of the Daksha Sheth Dance Company, is a spectacular production of breathtaking beauty, extraordinary human skill and boundless daring that literally blasts Indian dance into the 21st Century! It is a celebration of the human spirit, of man's quest into the unknown, the desire to explore what lies beyond the horizon, to open up new vistas in human experience. It is a celebration of the heroic spirit, of courage and endeavor.

BhuKham (derived from the vedic terms bhu and kham) explores the opposing forces represented in ancient cultures by earth and sky, or in more contemporary scientific terms, by matter and space. At the cusp of the third Millennium, the symbolism of earth and sky takes on a new and potent significance. Future historians will likely define the twentieth century as the Century of Flight, and this exhilarating exploration of flight is being further extended in the present century into space. We are moving into the vast silent reaches of the sky, into the unknown and the uncharted. This adventure parallels an earlier age when man ventured out from the security of familiar land to explore the oceans and what lay beyond the horizon. It is this spirit of adventure, this insatiable drive to explore and embrace the unknown that has characterised Mankind throughout its brief history. It is this spirit that we celebrate in BhuKham.

BhuKham is a tribute to all those who, in every walk of life, dare to make a difference.

In the choreography of BhuKham, Daksha Sheth has looked particularly at the Indian gymnastic tradition of Mallakhamb from Maharastra (West India), and has evolved with her dancers breathtaking rope and aerial skills never seen before. The rhythms of Kathak have also morphed in new and surprising ways in Daksha's choreography for BhuKham, and are backed by an exciting and high energy musical score by Devissaro which combines recorded music with live percussion and electric guitar. Together with a striking lighting design, the seventy-five minute production seeks to embrace modern sensibilities and bring contemporary Indian dance to new and younger audiences.

BhuKham was produced in association with Australia's multimedia performance company skadada through an 6 week skills and creative development residency of directors Jon Burtt and Katie Lavers.

Choreography:  Daksha Sheth
Original Music:  Devissaro, guitar by John Varkey
Design and Direction:  Devissaro