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Falling Angels

Falling Angels was an Indo-British collaboration that brought together artists from the London-based dance theatre company The Kosh and artists of the Daksha Sheth Dance Company in a joint production to celebration of 50 years of Indian Independence. This ambitious project was initiated and funded by the British Council with support from the Department of Culture, New Delhi.

In the build up to the project, there was a series of interactions, both in England and in India, between artists of the two companies over a period of several years. The actual production and rehearsal of Falling Angels however took place in Trivandrum, India, during seven weeks of intense activity from September 21, 1997. The production subsequently toured India with performances at the Music Academy, Chennai on November 11, followed by Delhi (Nov15-16), Calcutta (Nov18), Mumbai (Nov21) and Pune (Nov25). Television recording of the production was made by Asianet on the final rehearsal in Trivandrum on November 7 and was subsequently broadcast nationally on several occasions.

Falling Angels won warm acclaim in India both from the press and from audiences who gave it standing ovations.

Script:  Roger McGough
Costumes:  Yvonne Deacon
Light Design:  Joe Lewis
Technical Manager:  John Page
Choreography:  Sian Williams and Daksha Sheth
Music:  Howard Davidson and Nick Merwitzer
Direction:  Michael Merwitzer and Devissaro