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Postcards from God

“Postcards from god” is a multi-media production inspired by the book of poems of the same name by
 the Mumbai based poet and visual artistImtiaz Dharker.  Imtiaz represents the voice of the modern Indian woman; strong, sensitive, concerned, articulate; her themes are “no-mans lands”, the meeting/dividing spaces between continents, countries, religions, cultures, world views and individuals.

The Daksha Sheth Dance Company’s production of “Postcards from god” is more than a dance production. It is a “musical”, a story told through dance, music, images and song, involving a collaboration between artists from various streams embracing the literary arts, theatre, dance, music and film.

“Postcards from god” deals with life in the slums or “juggis” of Mumbai, but here the “juggi” is a metaphor for our own lives; not quite whole, but made up of bits and pieces; cast-offs, left-overs from other lives, stitched together as best we can like a patchwork quilt. It deals with the fragility and the miracle of life, with love, hope, cynicism and prejudice.

The haunting music of PFG is composed by Devissaro, and is presented live by an exceptional team of musicians including the British pianist Dhevdhas Nair, female vocalist Tara Baswani, male vocalist Naresh Kamath, Rex Vijayan on guitar and Tao Issaro on drums. 

Concept:  Devissaro and Daksha Sheth
Poetry:  Imtiaz Dharker
Video:  Rohan Khambati
Choreography:  Daksha Sheth
Music:  Devissaro with Dhevdhas Nair
Stage Design, Lighting and Direction:  Devissaro