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Shiva Shakti

In the ancient Indian philosophy of Tantra, it is said that the Kundalini Shakti, not only exists in every atom of every human being but also in every atom of the universe.  

Shiva is the male principle, pure consciousness, the un-manifest, denoted in Tantric texts by the white upward facing triangle. Shakti is the dynamic feminine energy, the manifest, denoted by the red downward facing triangle. The universe in all its diversity arises from the union of these two principles. 

In its dormant state, Kundalini Shakti is represented by a coiled snake, nestled at the base of the spine. 

When this energy is awakened, it ascends through the 7 chakras to unite above the crown of the head with Shiva.

This consummation creates an experience of bliss. This Kundalini Shakti in each one of us, unites us and connects us in the dance of Shiva.



Shiva Shakti     

Photos by David de Souza