A production by the 'Daksha Sheth Dance Company', 'Asima' and 'The Sari School'. 
 'SARI' is a celebration of the creation of this unique drape, in constant play with the body, both in stillness and in movement.

SARI, initiated by Rta Kapur Chisti, co-author and editor of 'Saris – Tradition and Beyond', 

is directed by Composer, Devissaro and choreographed by Daksha Sheth.

This show was conceived to rekindle the lost playfulness and individuality of the sari. 

As the quintessential expression of the weavers' imagination, talent and skill, the sari continues to be the jewel of the Indian hand loom industry. 

Through the art of draping, a woman reveals her demeanor and her regional identity. This union of the sari and the wearer exudes the sensuality of dance. 

 The performance highlights the stages in the journey from cotton pod to a magnificent fabric, draped in a range of wearing styles.