DISHA Dance Style

Daksha Sheth's journey of more than 35 years in dance has culminated into a kinetic and visually stunning dance expression whichnot only is influenced from classical dance form of Kathak and traditional marital arts of Kalaripayattu, Chhau, but also 
explores beyond tradition. 

Disha Dance Style was the result of an intention to interact with dance enthusiasts, 
students and other interested individuals and introduce them to 'Disha.' 

A wholistic training in awareness of the body, flexibility, agility and rhythm is the 

starting point in 'Disha.'


14 th May to 27 th May 2010 

Timings: 5 pm to 8 pm


Hutheesing Center,

Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus,

CEPT University Road, Ahmedabad.


Please register at:


704, 'Kaivanna' building,
b/s Ahmedabad Central mall,
Ambawadi, Ahmedabad-15.

Contact person:Ms. Sohini
Mobile: 09558820824

Only for residents outside Ahmedabad,

Please send the following details to

Please note: This information is only to help us divide participants in suitable batches. Kindly provide the required details.

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Background in physical activity
    (it can be any dance form (please specify), gymnastics, any sport (please specify) or martial art)
  4. A picture (optional)
  5. Contact information